Each day, more and more of you take the streets : you ride past each other, look and smile at each other.

The tribe grows, but you are still seeking a line of products that meets the specific needs of each and every one of us, while being in tune with your common and shared philosophy.

What do you seek? First of all: simplicity. Practical and easy to use accessories that make riding safer and smoother. But you have a discerning taste, and enjoy classic lines and bold design.

TOBA was created for you.

Patrick Giguère is one of the creators of this TOBA line of products. He captured the essence of the tribe: “I really felt there was room for accessories with better design and quality, he stresses. We are focused on developing products that are so simple that a child can put them together and use them.”

You also ride your bicycle in the city because it gives you the feeling of having some control on events. You choose your path, and you can change directions according to your whims and needs.

That’s the why TOBA products so readily adapt to your lifestyle: “This type of product always faced installation problems, since this industry lacks any compatibility standards. Our aim was to develop products that would fit the vast majority of bicycle models on the market”, explains designer Éric Auger.

So long hurdles. TOBA adapts the same philosophy to a multiplicity of individuals. That explains the names of our products: Freddy, Suzy, Pat and the others are all part of one family. Your family.

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